Custom APIs, Created Instantly

Once you’ve created your new taxonomy, a suite of custom APIs is instantly created: two APIs to use your taxonomy to power features in applications (a Taxonomy API and an Entity API ) and one Data Cleaning API to power data cleansing processes.

Your APIs are AWS-hosted, offering near 100% uptime, and are secured using two-factor authentication.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Use APIs to Power Data Cleansing Workflows

Classr’s Data Cleaning API is uniquely built upon your taxonomy and its aliases.

Aliases (incorrect versions of entities in your taxonomy) power an exact match data cleansing process, ideal for use cases where the data being cleaned is more unique and specific, making machine learning-based solutions not ideal.

Integrate the Data Cleaning API into your workflow, whether it’s Google Sheets-based or through a custom software application.

Power Application Features and Search Controls

Once your taxonomy is complete, leverage your Taxonomy and Entity APIs to power filter and search features within your applications, whether web or mobile.

Run an ecommerce store? Power rich filtering features to allow your users to find the exact product they’re looking for.

There are countless ways to integrate your APIs into your application and workflow.

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