Turn Content Expertise into Useful, Structured Data

Are you a content expert (know a lot about cars, for example)? Looking for a tool that will allow you to power important search or filter features on your website? Struggle with data sets that have inconsistent naming conventions?

Use Classr’s Taxonomy Builder to easily create a taxonomy, a simple way to organize content in a multi-level category tree.  Classr also gives you the tools to implement it in your processes, applications and more via a Custom API. It’s the perfect Taxonomy Creator.

Taxonomies – Your New Classification Standard

Taxonomies have two major components: “entities”, which is what’s being organized and “taxonomy levels”, the way you organize. Use a simple click and add interface to create the exact custom taxonomy you need.

In need of a taxonomy but don’t want to take the time to build it? Check out our Marketplace.

Use Aliases to Make Data Cleaning Easy

When creating your taxonomy, make sure to add “aliases”, which are instances of your entity that aren’t quite right, often misspelled (“appel” could be an alias to “apple”, for example).

Your new taxonomy is also the first step in the data cleaning workflow. To leverage these new content standards, use your instantly created Custom API. Whether merging separate internal data sets or cleaning aggregated external data, your aliases are what drive maximum precision and data standardization.

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