Merge and Cleanse Dirty Data

Using your Data Cleaning API and its taxonomy’s¬†built-in alias capability, you can easily and quickly turn dirty data into cleaned data.

Use this capability to clean inter-departmental data sets, web extracted data, aggregated public data and more.

Establish a Data Standard

Dirty data usually occurs in situations where there’s no clear standard. It’s time to fix that.

With the built-in cleaning capabilities, Classr and the taxonomies you build instantly become your definite new data standard as well as the tool to ensure consistency.

If you’ve ever struggled with bringing two almost-alike data sets together, struggle no longer.

Leverage Easy-to-Use Tools

Just looking for a simple data cleaning tool? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve built a Google Sheets Add-On to allow for really easy data cleaning. Simply add the Add-On, via the link below, and create a multi-step data cleaning flow using your Classr account.

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