What are Aliases

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Before we get started, this will make a lot more sense if you have created and filled out a taxonomy.

Aliases are important parts of a taxonomy and, specifically, are common, inaccurate versions of your entities. They are critical to data cleaning processes using your Data Cleaning APIs.

For  example, if your entity is “Autos” and an example of an entity is a “Ford Fiesta” (Manufacturer and Model). Aliases can be added for both “Ford” and “Fiesta”.

An example of an alias for “Fiesta” would represent common, inaccurate versions of the phrase, and could include “Feeesta” or “Feiesta”.

How do I determine which aliases should be added?

As aliases are primarily for data cleaning, aliases are most often identified when looking at source data to clean. Initially, aliases are likely identified based on experience but as you use your Data Cleaning API, source data that does not clean appropriately is ideal for adding as aliases.

Why are aliases important?

Aliases are important because they are the wrong versions of your entities in source data that is to be cleaned. The more aliases you identify, the cleaner your data will be.

How can I add aliases?

Aliases should be added in your taxonomy once it’s been initially created as well as all of your entities. Within the Classr platform, inside your Taxonomy detail page, click on any entity (here that includes a University or a Team Name).

Once you click on an entity, you’ll see a popup where you can add as many aliases as you’d like. It’s that simple.

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