Summer 2020 Build – New Features on Classr

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We recently rolled out a series of updates and improvements to Classr, both behind the scenes and directly within the user interface. These new features and enhancements are built directly on top of our community survey from May 2020 (thank you to all who took time to give feedback!). If you’re ready to see the changes, login here. Else, we go into a more detailed review below.



  • Search has been greatly improved to include partial matching, and all taxonomies can now render the entire taxonomy through an “All” option in the row selection drop-down menu.
  • Usage communications have been completely overhauled with new templates and a new layout designed to provide cleaner and mobile-friendly updates.
  • Taxonomy entries were formerly limited to 60 characters, which wasn’t sufficient for some taxonomies. The character limit for all taxonomy and entity levels has been expanded to 250 to accommodate those larger requirements.

Bug Fixes

  • Aliases – fixed a bug which prevented users from adding the same alias twice in the same taxonomy.
  • Aliases – fixed a bug which sometimes prevented users from adding aliases where the last 3 characters were numbers.
  • Taxonomy – modified the taxonomy table interface so that all columns are the same width
  • Taxonomy – fixed a bug which sometimes caused new entity additions to wrap into the wrong column
  • APIs – fixed a bug which sometimes prevented all possible entities from returning during an Entity API query
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