Inexpensive options to help you get started.


Inexpensive options to help you get started.

Startup 1

$19 / month

2,000 API Calls
1 Taxonomy

Startup 2

$49 / month

6,000 API Calls
3 Taxonomies

Startup 3

$99 / month

15,000 API Calls
5 Taxonomies

People Use Classr to Easily Classify and Clean Data

Content Experts

Are you an expert in a given subject matter? Use Classr as your tool to build a taxonomy, a classification standard.


Need a better tool for cleaning and structuring data? No problem. Classr allows you to build/rent a data standard (taxonomy) and implement it using cleaning tools.


With Classr,  provide a tool to your content expert to build and maintain content while also getting access to an easy-to-implement API suite.


Need data cleaning help for a class project? Use Classr, an easy to use classification and data cleaning tool, to get your projects done faster and easier.

Have questions?

What is a Taxonomy?

Taxonomy –  a weird name, right? Simply put, a taxonomy is a way to classify/organize stuff. In Classr, we call that stuff “entities”.  They are incredibly powerful when you need to power website drop downs and organize content. Take it a step further and add “aliases” to your entities (common misspelled versions) and you have a great data cleaning tool.

How do I use Classr to clean data?

Classr provides custom APIs for integraed data cleaning as well as an easy-to-use Google Sheets Add On. Both leverage the entity aliases from your taxonomy.

How do I track my API calls?

Easily. As soon as you login, you’ll see a clear report of the API usage for each of your taxonomies. Classr also notifies you when you are at a high thresh hold of use.

Can I change my plan later?

Absolutely. To modify your plan, simply click on the “Upgrade” button in the navigation, which brings you to a list of all plans. Simply click on the plan you want, whether it’s an upgrade or downgrade.

How do I get access to a Marketplace Taxonomy?

To get access to a marketplace taxonomy, log into Classr and click on “Explore” in the top menu. Also known as “Subscribed Taxonomies”, they are prebuilt taxonomies that you can “rent”.

What if I decide to cancel?

We hate to see you go! But if you do need to cancel your account, just reach out to us and let us know.

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