API Authentication

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This assumes you have created and filled out a taxonomy.

API authentication is a key part of every API (reminder, they are automatically generated whenever you create a taxonomy) and can be found on your API details page. Your API details page is linked from the home page as well as the taxonomy detail page.

Classr uses a two-component authentication via an API Key and Secure Token.

It is possible to regenerate the API Key and the Secure Token . To do this, click on  the “Generate New” button. Note, this will also invalidate any previous versions, so be very careful!

When do you use Authentication?

  • For any software development use case. The two factor API authentication is a key part of any development project.
  • Within the Classr for Sheets Google add on they are required. Find out more.

How can you test your Authentication?

To test your API outside of the Classr API docs interface, we recommend the use of Postman, a free API tool.

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