Pricing, Usage and Billing

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Susbcription Types

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Classr is online software that provides two types of subscription payment methods: monthly and annually. Note, actual usage is monthly – the annual plan is a way to lower your overall spend.


Pricing and Plans

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All plans are available once you are logged into Classr. The direct link:!/account/plan

You can also click on the “Upgrade” link in the navigation, next to your plan level.


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When moving from a free to paid account, you will be prompted to put in a credit card. Your credit card will be stored securely for ongoing subscription payments.

Below is a snapshot of the payment interface when changing plans.

Classr uses Stripe to process payments. Stripe is one of the most reliable, commonly used billing services for SaaS businesses. Find out more about Stripe.


Usage Calculations

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Your account usage is bound by two aspects: number of taxonomies and number of API calls.

API call calculations are reset at the end of your monthly subscription cycle.

API calls are measured everywhere the API is used, which includes the API details interface, the Google Sheet Add On and any other location where the API is used.

When you hit 70% of your API call volume, Classr will notify you that it likely makes sense to upgrade to the next level.


How long does it take for my API call list to refresh?
Less than a minute,

Why is my API call list different than I expect?
The API call count updates within one minute of your last use, so you may have looked at your call count less than one minute since your last use.

Why is my subscribed taxonomy price different from what I see on the explore page?
Your price is locked in when you subscribe. Price go up? Good for you! Stay in. Price go down? Unsubscribe then resubscribe to reset your price.

How do I have API calls with no taxonomy?
You must have deleted a taxonomy.

If my account is not verified, can I log in?

For my API filter, do filter parameters have to be case sensitive?

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